Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My brain has always moved at lightening speed, leaping and bounding ahead of rational thought while my body lagged sadly behind, moving in fits and starts. This has been tricky but I have learned to live with it. In any moving group, I will be the straggler at the end. Meanwhile my brain will have climbed a dozen mountains, scaled to the tops of stately pine trees and flown across the skies with swirling masses of cloud form. In my current metamorphous, both body and mind have slowed down with my body becoming downright sluggish. This seems to be annoying to everyone around me as they trip past me, try to squeeze me out of the way and sometimes rudely bump into me. I don’t relish being a hindrance to other life forms but it seems to have come to that. I would love to fly gracefully through my day, never fumbling for charge cards, money or tickets. But that is not to be my lot and I must endure the body that has been assigned to me. Yet how glorious it is when someone smiles at me or waits for me or tries to help. I wish I had learned earlier in life to be kinder to the strangers you meet every day.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Summer chairs puddle with rain.

Pots overflowing, drowning.

Stiff straws of grass, stubbornly

brown, turn their backs to redemption.

Daisy and Phlox bow gratefully,

a Monet of cerulean and maize

dripping their scents on

saturated soil.

Although watched faithfully in

it’s first few phases,

the full moon will go unseen tonight.

Maurading mists, turbulent torrents

Rushing, raging, roaring--

circling north and east--

change our view of the world.