Sunday, January 15, 2012


The Lord is my seatbelt but it’s up to me

to wrap it around myself. The Lord is a

self-defense course for my granddaughters

but they must show up for the classes. The

Lord is a peace table for the world but we

have to make our way to the seats.

There are no more swords and shields and

bucklers, just the stealth of unmanned bombs

sighted by silent computers. Sometimes

I yearn for an old-time thunderbolt to hurl at

unthinking drivers round about me or a parting

of the seas to swallow up the rude;

or maybe five smooth stones and a slingshot.

I do not go daily into the fray any longer so

it’s hard to find my enemies, but I know they

are out there searching for unguarded moments.

Maybe we could find a way to use dark matter

to hide us from the unmannerly and the unhinged.