Saturday, April 19, 2014

Early Morning Swim

From the glass house that holds
The swimming pool, we view
The slow roll of the seasons.

Yesterday the forsythia bloomed,
Today we’re etched with snow.
A jolt of blue erases the grey

Until we brim with the boldness
Of brass. The pathway to Spring
Is like hopscotch: two squares

Forward and one square back. I keep on
Throwing my one small stone until the
Chalk wears off and I leave for home.

April 19, 2014

I am impressed by the tongue that
Forms the sounds that make the words
That grant us conversation and the
Ability to call each other by name.

I am myself and no one else. I can
Account for only what goes on inside
My head. There are people who come
Close to being one with me but parts
Of them I do not recognize.   

We are encouraged to be individual,
Yet there is admiration for those
Who give up parts of themselves to
Benefit the many: the musician, the
medicals, those who search for God.