Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stargazer Lily

A Bouquet of Stargazer Lilies

What a sweet-smelling Valentine’s Day gift – and a forecast of warmer days ahead. The Stargazer is a hybrid of the Asiatic and the Oriental lily. Someone has evidently been working on reducing its past pungent odor to a more pleasant floral scent. This variety, meant to be a metaphor for innocence and purity, is white with a flush of pink and somehow reminds me of white linen. The rather longish buds are a delicate pink. As they open, each petal (there are six) appears almost pure white, developing tinges of pink as it matures. The petals show off with ridges of lime green down the center. The six filaments are also lime green and have bronze anthers. It is truly amazing to watch this flower change shape and color each day, finally fading to a soft white. Stargazer Lilies are named for their habit of facing the sky as they open.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Popping Snow

The temperature dropped to minus six today—the freezing point of salt water. I’d drive out to the ocean to check but my car is frozen under several inches of snow. One radio commentator noted that the snow was “popping.” I guess she meant it was making popping noises. Maybe the noises were due to shrinkage as the temperature dropped or maybe they were caused by the snow settling under its own weight. Other weather phrases I heard recently were: “the snow should end after midnight” and “snow should continue until 7 p.m.” I’m confused by the word should – I don’t think that snow is able to decide what it should or should not do – I think that decision comes with a higher pay grade. A radio caller stated that he takes an early morning walk every day (even at minus 6) by simply adding more layers of clothing and that today he was especially moved by the still clear air and the sight of the Gibbous Moon. I must admit I did not see the Gibbous Moon this morning but the caller’s description is certainly tempting. If the temperature makes it back into the 20’s again and it is safe underfoot, I will take the risk and see what nature has to offer. Please note that all temperatures are in Fahrenheit. Although the rest of the world uses Celsius, it is apparently too difficult for us to learn new things.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Songs of the Spirit

If I could see your face

I would hold onto it

In my memory


You formed me before

I had awareness.

Before I knew it was you

Who held me.

You sent me out beyond

My ability to remember

And asked me

To seek you.

Love pierced the barrier

Between then and now.

But love did not come

With seeing.

So I grasp darkly

For a picture

That will enable me

To know you.

And I listen

For your words

Sent through time

To call me.