Saturday, July 13, 2013

Childhood memories: Nonsense Song

It was midnight on the ocean;
Not a street car was in sight.
The sun was shining brightly,
And it rained all day that night.

'Twas a summer's night in winter
And the rain was snowing fast.
A barefoot boy with shoes on
Stood sitting on the grass.

....It was evening and the rising sun
Was setting in the West.
The little fishes in the trees
Were huddled in their nest.

While the organ peeled potatoes,
Lard was rendered by the choir.
While the sexton rang the dish rag,
Someone set the church on fire.

"Holy Smoke," the preacher shouted,
And in the rush he lost his hair.
Now his head resembles heaven,
For there is no parting there....

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Treats of the day:

Amazing Grace by the Anntrim Mennonite Choir - there is something magical about familiar hymns done by a choral group - comfort hidden in deep early memories.


fresh summer vegetables dipped in artichoke/spinace hummus

Saturday, February 23, 2013


February is a month of blizzards.
Snow roaring in like wildcats from
the mountains looking for anything
to devour.

Snapped power lines send us
back to zero before the birth
of fire and light. My sanctuary
is a prison.

I age another year in February
in a fever of confinement. Lost
in books of places I will never

I could tolerate winter if it
were boxed into February
and March began the dance
of spring.