Sunday, December 6, 2009


In a weak moment I agreed to be responsible for decorating the tree representing the garden club. What fun! I gathered in hydrangeas (white) and sedum (cranberry colored). My faithful friend, Barbara, immediately offered to help and added more hydrangeas, pine cones and acorns. Hydrangeas dried nicely with a little help from my hair spray. The sedum faded somewhat but a little spray paint took care of that. We added lace paper doilies to set off the sedum. Beautiful! And so arrived the evening of trimming. Eggnog, hot cider, cookies! Fun, frolic, peace, love and joy, right? But alas, no: tumult, chaos, bodies pressing, ladders swinging by, temperatures rising; there are 14 people trimming the tree next to us? There is sweat pouring down my back, my legs are trying to tell me to sit down, my head will explode soon. My very smart friend has brought her pine cones and acorns all looped and ready to hang while I brought wire and scissors. What was I thinking? And how am I going to be able to pull joy from this occasion? Maybe from the many compliments on the beauty of our tree, the warm hug from a friend, the opportunity to go back and enjoy the trees when it is quieter.

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  1. You made me LOL with the image of the chaos surrounding your tree-trimming experience! Post a picture of the result if you can - it sounds beautiful.