Sunday, January 24, 2010


When confronted by random tragedy and destruction, people naturally struggle to maintain what faith they have in God. The earthquake in Haiti affected many in our Linden Ponds Community whose families – parents, siblings, children – live on the Island. So it seemed appropriate to gather together as people of faith to struggle with the heartache of this destruction and to support our Haitian friends, many still waiting to hear from their loved ones. An interfaith service of readings and prayer was held here at Linden Ponds just a few days after the earthquake struck. Readings from Lamentations, the Psalms and the Gospels were given in both the melodious language of Kreyol and in our familiar English. Chris Beukman, Director of Pastoral Ministries, spoke to the anger most of us have towards God when crisis strikes and then quoted the words that, “God has no hands or feet except ours.” It is up to us to work towards the good that can be accomplished for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

Also taking part in the service were retired clergy of Linden Ponds, residents and staff. It was particularly moving to hear from some of our Haitian staff members. The music of the Chapel Chorale led by Joan Nahigian, brought words of comfort and hope. The Chorale has developed a peaceful flowing style that both soothes the soul and inspires the mind. Let us continue to remember our Haitian community in the months to come. We can walk through this trial with them, learning to become more caring of others and experiencing the blessings that come with compassion.

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