Thursday, March 17, 2011

Faraway Neighbors

The spirit of God extends around our entire earth, not just in our own neighborhood. Following the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the media showed scenes of Japanese people with hands folded together and heads bowed that seemed not unlike our own supplications. Our hearts extend towards theirs in mutual grief. A service of prayer and readings was held at Linden Ponds following the disaster and in our western way, we were able to join in spirit with this eastern country. Funds were collected for Doctors Without Borders in Japan. We live on an unstable planet and we see the results of this all too often. But out of disaster, comes miracles and we rejoice at the sight of a tiny baby rescued from rubble and families reunited. It was especially moving to see a Japanese flag displayed along with our own and to remember that Japan was a bitter enemy of ours when we were younger. That hatred can change to acceptance and understanding is testament that forces for good exist side by side with our darker elements.

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