Monday, March 24, 2014

Instead of Spring

One year, it kept on snowing
and spring failed to appear.
Ground floor entrances were
buried, so we skied in and out
of second story windows.
The only way to find food was
by helicopter or dog sled. We flew in
extra dogs to help keep the trails packed.
It saved a lot of wear on highways
and since traffic lights were useless,
we shut down all the windmills. We
special-ordered barrels and parachutes.
When seed catalogs arrived, we burned
them in the barrels to keep the dogs warm.
We kept parachutes wrapped in backpacks
in case we needed a doctor or hospital.
We never discovered where spring
had gone but after the melt and
after the mud, we found roses
and peonies in full bloom,
as well as grasshoppers and
red-winged blackbirds
in the fields.

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